Planner Life

Hello all!

I thought I would share my planner obsession with you! It started last August and has turned into a very big hobby! It’s quite addicting, especially the decorating part! There’s really nothing more relaxing than watching some Netflix and playing/decorating your planner!

Here is my planner stack! Yes, I use each one of them and they each have a purpose! Don’t judge just yet! The bottom one, is my recents and I got it on clearance for $7! Crazy 😜

Anyways, let’s start from the top to the bottom. The top one, is a small binder planner that I use as a gift. This is a Recollections- Michael’s brand planner.

Now hear me out… I started on Jan 1st and each day I write down love notes or things I love about my husband each day. We have always love writing each other letters. At the end of the year, I will give it to him and it will be just one huge love letter! Pretty cool actually and I’m excited about it! 😁

Next, we have my very first planner! It also goes EVERYWHERE with me! It has all your normal day to day stuff. Such as, appointments, plan, work schedule and so on. It’s what you would think your typical planner has! I will even show you an example of one of my weeks 😜 This is a planner and super cute!

Now, let’s take a peek on the inside….

Next, is my memory planner! This is a bit different for me. I’ve always liked to journal but sometimes I just go days without doing it. This helps me keep better track and I just basically list my day in here. Lots of random things too and some days I even track what I eat! This is a Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas. I got this super cheap on Black Friday. Love this! It’s gorgeous inside!

Lastly, we have the newest addition! It’s also by Me and My Big Ideas (Happy Planner). This was on clearance, remember? I’m using it as my Faith Journal! I recently got a Creative Bible and am IN LOVE ❀️ with the Bible!! The journal is decently Big and it has plenty of room for my verses, journaling and prayer request!

Enter a caption

Those are my planners! Yes, it may seem excessive to some but it really helps me keep up with all these things I want to do, aka journaling! Let me know if you have a planner! What kind?! How many?! Β Are you in some Facebook groups?!


5 thoughts on “Planner Life

      1. I have a pocket planner that I use as an address book, a personal filofax that is my main one for weekly planning but it also has a blog planner in it, an A5 planner for tracking different things, another A5 planner that I use for storing all my snail mail supplies and finally, the newest addition which is a moleskine journal which I use as a kind of bullet journal but just for monthly things. Not all of them are for specific planner purposes so I feel I can get away with having them all sitting on my desk πŸ˜€

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          1. I only use my bullet journal in a monthly style so it’s not too overwhelming to just draw out a few pages once a month. I definitely wouldn’t be able to do weekly pages because I’d feel compelled to make them look pretty and probably not get around to doing much!


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