Sharpie Brush Tip Review

These are so pretty and in theory, sharpies can do no wrong, right?! I love Sharpies and have a ton ofthem. These I did not like at all! 

The brush tip makes me think they would be awesome for lettering.. they are not! 

The tips are a bit stiff, so I can’t really control what it’s going to do. It makes it hard, especially as a beginner. Also, I feel like they don’t have a lot of ink. Through one word, it looks like it’s running out of ink. Once you use the marker just a little bit, it will mess up the tip. I just used the magenta for practicing when I just got them, not too love and it’s a mess. You will be able to see an example in the swatch pic. 

I got these with a 60% off coupon, thank goodness! Not worth the hefty $26 price tag at most stores. 

Here’s some swatches…. 

You can totally see the magenta tip is not the greatest and the color skips a bit. It looks dried out. Really disappointing. 

I’ll use those for other things but not lettering, for sure. 


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