Will I find Planner Peace?!? 

So, let me give you some background… My first planner was purchased last August. I got a Ban.do because I saw one of my youtubers rave about it. I didn’t know much but my best friend also got one. I thought it looked cute and had a coupon for $10 off at Macy’s. So, I jumped in. Then I got into some planner groups on facebook and down… down… down… down the rabbit hole, I fell. My life has so much washi, stickers and such. I also learned about the Happy Planner. I love the versatility and the way you can customize your planner. All kinds of inserts and you can add so many things with a punch (I have yet to do because I haven’t purchased a punch yet).

Now, I have two Happy Planners- a Big and Classic. I use the Big for Bible journaling and the classic for memory planning. I have a Recollections personal zip planner to do like a love you everyday type of thing for my husband. My daily planner is the ban.do with all my schedules and what not.

I’ve started doing a lot of lettering practice and I usually do a lot of challenges on instagram. I’m doing three this month! I also started doing this Brain Dump kind of thing. How it works, is that you write down anything and everything for 3 pages, everyday. It’s a lot harder than it seems. It’s supposed to help with anxiety and all kinds of things. I’ve been doing it for a few days and I love it. It can be difficult to fill up three pages but I use a smaller notebook, a small Moleskine. Anyways, I was in some journaling groups and saw a lot of people with travelers notebooks. I saw a beautiful Webster Pages TN at Joanns on sale. So, I had to get it! I think this will be great for me. I will be able to do all the things I do now, in one place. I still will probably do my Bible Journaling in a Big HP but for everything else, the TN. I’m not wasteful… So, I will be using the rest of my planners up and starting my TN closer to the end of the year. Sorry, this is so long!


Here is a pic of my new beauty! Does anyone else have a Webster TN?! Know where I can get cheap accessories and inserts?!?!


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