DIY Traveler’s Notebook Inserts! 

I’m preparing for when I start using my Websters Pages traveler’s notebook. Yesterday, I just wanted to see if I could do it and made a DIY insert! I love how it came out … 

Then I decided to spend all day making more! I made 10! 

I love them!! So pretty and I can make whatever cover I want! 

Here are some quick instructions: 

– 24# paper by Epson Bright (inside)

-bone tool

-paper trimmer

-embroidery thread


-exacto knife 

-scrapbook paper (cover) 

-corner punch

So I cut the paper down to size, using the original insert as a guide. The height was 8 1/4″ and the width was 8 3/4″.

I then cut my scrapbook paper down to size. I folded them all in half (in sections) and used the bone tool to make a good crease. 

Then I would clip them together, on all four corners. This keeps it secure when sewing. 

Then I got an old book and set my insert in the middle crease. This is how I used my craft pick to punch the holes. 

I didn’t measure any of the holes, just kind of went with what I felt. Then came the sewing. I would start on the inside then tie a knot. 

Then go down the next notch on the back and bring the needle back through. I would the go back through the previous hole, above the one I just came through. Do this each time. 

Then you tie knot or two at the end, on the inside of the book. Here is what it looks like finished  …

Then I would take the bone tool and go over the seem a couple times. 

After this, I took my exacting knife and cut the white pages that were sticking out, dow to size. Then just insert into you TN! 


2 thoughts on “DIY Traveler’s Notebook Inserts! 

    1. Yay!! I just bought my Websters but I’m going to try and wait til the end of the year. I need to use up the planners I have, even though, I don’t want to! Haha.

      It is so much easier than I thought it would be!! If you have any questions, let me know! It is time consuming but so worth it!!

      Liked by 1 person

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