Plant Crazy

Hey guys! So it’s been a while. My summer is just flying by, how about yours!?

So, my husband and I have tried getting a kitten but it did not work out. I was way too allergic. My parents have him now and just love him. We on the other hand are kid-less and pet-less. So, I decided to just start adding a lot of plants to my house. I’ve always had a green thumb and love plants, inside and outside. So, I started collecting and a lot of them I have saved from the clearance shelves! Here are a few of my new family

String of Pearls, Monstera and Silver pothos

Nerve Plant, Bamboo and Red Prayer Plant


Pearls & Jade Pothos, African Violets and Aloe (I think, there’s no tag)


Red Stem Pilea, Bridal Veil wandering Jew (cuttings), and Wandering Jew with a flower!


Silver Bay (Chinese Evergreen), Watermelon Peperomia, Philodendron Selloum


Snow White Waffle Plant, Strawberry Begonia, Schefflera Umbrella Tree
This one my husband got for me!! A cactus in a Triceratops Dino!! My favorite Dino.



So any of you like houseplants?!? This isn’t even all of them! Just my new ones. I know, a lot. I can’t help it but I always save them from Lowe’s!! I can’t stand for them to be thrown out. Share your babies or wish list!!


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